Rich And Famous Club – Wealthy Celebrities Of 2020

Beyoncé – Est. $500 Million

We bet all of our credit cards that you guys know who Beyoncé is. If you don’t know, well, you are probably living under a rock. She is pretty well-known around the globe with her powerful yet angelic voice that brought her fame and fortune in the music industry. She has sold 118 million records worldwide and is one of the world’s best-selling recording artists. She’s also the other half of Jay-Z that is one of the most acclaimed rappers of all time.


Various outstanding achievements in music and other aspects have made them one of the wealthiest couples in Hollywood. With that in mind, she pretty much makes her own pool of cash with all the earnings she received from her music career and that’s on top of the business ventures she made throughout the years. Currently, she accumulated around $500 million of net worth, allowing her to hold a top spot among the wealthiest singers in the entertainment landscape.

Robert Downey Jr. – Est. $300 Million

For those who have been following Robert Downey Jr.’s career, we know that he struggled a lot with his personal life but that didn’t stop him from picking himself up and steering his life in the right direction. We have to give him big credit for changing his views. Nowadays, he is one of the top actors not only in Hollywood but in the entire world as well.


He is one of the key figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he played the character of Tony Stark and Iron Man. From April 30 to May 3, 2008, Iron Man was released worldwide, with a global box office of more than $585 million, and was well received. Downey’s performance is considered the highlight of the film. He also got millions of dollars for this role making him one of the highest-paid actors in recent times.

Katy Perry – Est. $330 Million

Katy Perry rose to prominence with her bold and unique sense of fashion and unparalleled talent in singing tunes only suited for her. She debuted in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2008 that she became famous with her second album, One of the Boys. She held onto her dream up until she reached the pedestal where she’s currently on. Today, she owns nine U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number one singles, four Guinness World Records, five Billboard Music Awards.


She has sold more than 18 million albums and 125 million singles worldwide. She currently has an estimated net worth of $330 million which pretty much tells us the whole picture of how her career went over the years. We must give her huge credit for that as most people would give up their dreams a long time ago. We have to brace ourselves in the coming years since she’s not showing any signs of slowing down too. We look forward to the more exciting performance she will bring!

Kevin Hart – Est. $200 Million

Kevin Hart has established himself as one of the industry’s top stand-up comedians. However, his journey to the top is not always easy and he came across a couple of hurdles that challenged him to a certain degree. Just like many top artists in the industry, he experienced a couple of boos while he was on stage. But he didn’t give up, on the contrary, it fueled him up to elevate his act to a higher level. He spent some time developing a unique style of comedy.


After trying to imitate the early stages of comedians such as Chris Tucker, he found his rhythm by studying his insecurities and life experiences. His comedy reputation continued to grow with his debut stand-up album I’m a Grown Little Man released in 2008. Currently, all of the hurdles he overcame ended up being war trophies for him since he’s now sitting at an estimated net worth of around $200 million. He truly came a long way since the day he first started.

Elton John– Est. $500 Million

Sir Elton John is considered a living legend when it comes to the influence and the success he received over the course of his run in the music scenes. Since 1967, he has collaborated with lyricist Bernie Taupin. More than 30 albums have been released, and the number of records sold exceeds 300 million. He’s considered one of the best-selling artists of our current generation and has been on the receiving end of countless awards and recognition coming from the biggest authorities in the music landscape.


He also has outstanding achievements in musical films and comedies. For example, he has composed music for The Lion King and its stage adaptation, Aida and Billy Elliot the Musical. Over the course of his career, he managed to work and sync up with his financial advisor as they built up a huge net worth of around $500 million under his belt. He pretty much earned the pedestal where he stands right now!

Jennifer Lopez — Est. $400 Million

Jennifer Lopez is a pretty popular name in terms of the sheer influence she brought to the table with her danceable tunes and electrifying on-stage performances. In 1997, with her first leading role in Selena biopic of the same name, she became the first Latin actress to earn over $1 million for a film. She then starred in Anaconda and Out of Sight, which made her the highest-paid Latin actress in Hollywood.


She is arguably one of the top dogs in the entertainment scene. There are only a few people who can match her feat in that regard! She’s responsible for bringing out some of the best tunes as well as some of the popular movies on the block. Her career as an entertainer surely brought her numerous projects. In return, it gave her access to a huge pool of cash. Many financial advisors estimated that she currently holds around $400 million of total fortune in her bag!

Harrison Ford – Est. $230 Million

The A-list actor Harrison Ford was gained worldwide fame for his starring role as Han Solo in the epic space opera film Star Wars in 1977. Throughout his career, Ford has received significant recognition for his work in the entertainment industry. He is an Academy Award nominee, a four-time Golden Globe nominee, and a two-time Saturn Award winner. He is always in the conversation of the most talented and versatile actors in Hollywood.


That gave him numerous projects throughout the years and kept his financial status in an ideal situation than most of his peers in the industry. His estimated net worth of around $230 million is well-deserved for him in our honest opinion, especially if we are talking about the contributions he made in the entertainment scenes with all the classic films listed in his resume. We are not sure if he has any plans of retiring soon but based on his current activity, Ford still has plenty of gas left in his tank.

Dr. Dre – Est. $820 Million

Dr. Dre is always known for his excellent investment planning in the world of business ventures that can easily be on par with any of the best businessmen out there. This is on top of that talent he can offer on the table in terms of providing exceptional rap tunes and producing records for various artists. He has won six Grammy Awards. Rolling Stone ranked him number 56 on the list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.


He confidently holds the third spot of the richest rap music personalities in the industry with his fortune of around $820 million. A huge chunk of his money came from the deal he was able to draw up with Apple. The tech giant bought out of the company he used to own, the Beats by Dr. Dre – which was originally bought by Apple for a whopping $3 billion!

Howard Stern – Est. $650 Million

Howard Stern is pretty popular in almost all entertainment media outlets and we can see why he calls himself “The King of All Media”. He is best known for his radio show The Howard Stern Show, which was widely popular when it was jointly distributed on national radio stations from 1986 to 2005. He won numerous consecutive industry awards, including Billboard‘s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year eight consecutive times.


His sphere of influence in the world of radio broadcasting is paralleled to none and that reputation helped him gain a significant amount of money that would keep him from going into the bankruptcy line at any point in the future. So how much net worth are we talking about here? Stern has an estimated net worth of around $650 million, which means he’s one of the richest personalities out there in Hollywood. He’s also showing no signs of slowing down so we could expect this figure to rise as well.

Jerry Bruckheimer – Est. $900 Million

If we are talking about the best in the industry when it comes to producing films and spotting the right projects that would become the perfect investments, Jerry Bruckheimer might be on the top of everybody’s list. He’s shown a high level of foresight in the films that would become blockbuster hits and that’s what set him apart from his peers in the industry.


At one point, three of his TV series ranked among the top 10 in American ratings, which is a unique feat in the TV field. From the looks of things, he’s taking full advantage of this ability that helped him with his finances big time. If you know what we are talking about, it is pretty obvious that his total net worth currently is off the charts, and to give that one a figure, we are talking about close to the $1 billion marks.

Jessica Biel – Est. $18 Million

Jessica Biel’s career began with singing in musical productions. At nine, she appeared in several musical productions in her hometown, playing lead roles in productions such as The Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast. Until the mid-90s, Jessica Biel became a household name. It thanks to her part in the hit television drama series 7th Heaven as Mary Camden. It opened up the door of opportunity for her and she pretty much found her own spot under the industry’s spotlight.


Building up a net worth of $18 million is a huge feat and Biel easily held her ground and comfortably reached that feat with the help of her money management skills. The actress is not only exceptional in terms of her financial status but Biel is one of the key figures for empowering women all over the world and helping them get better overall health care for the future.

Carey – Est. $300 Million

Mariah Carey is not only known for her legs that have an insane insurance worth but for her angelic voice and strong track record as a music artist. She has a five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style, and signature use of the whistle register, which is referred to as “Songbird Supreme” by the Guinness Book of World Records. She’s widely regarded as one of the best-selling recording artists of our current generation and produced countless hits over the course of her professional career.


She’s known not only in the United States but in the global landscape as well. Over the course of her career as a recording artist and endorser, she managed to accumulate around $300 million which is a huge feat. We can probably see most of her personal stories in her upcoming memoir in the latter part of this year.

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs – Est. $855 Million

Sean Combs or professionally known by his peers as P. Diddy is one of the most influential and richest personalities in the American music scene. He’s involved in a couple of activities and business ventures such as performing on-stage as a music artist and working behind the scenes as a record producer. He has won three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards. He is also the producer of MTV’s Making the Band.


In 2009, he founded the music group Dirty Money and released the commercially successful album Last Train to Paris. Aside from these lists, he also has a couple of business establishments including a shirt business and a couple of restaurant chains under his investment portfolio. His total net worth is off the charts and he can easily be classified as one of the richest people in Hollywood with an estimated worth of around $855 million.

Jay-Z – Est. $1 Billion

Shawn Corey Carter or professionally known by his peers as Jay-Z was started his music career after establishing the record company Roc-A-Fella Records in 1995. There are very few arguments against Jay-Z being considered as one of the wealthiest personalities in show business thanks to the smart investments he worked with in the last couple of years. In addition to his music career, his career as a businessman has also gained great success and media attention.


He founded the clothing retailer Rocawear in 1999 and the luxury sports bar chain 40/40 Club in 2003. Both companies have grown into multi-million-dollar companies. In 2015, he acquired the technology company Aspiro and was responsible for their media streaming service Tidal. Year after year, his net worth just keeps jumping on the positive side and he keeps on racking up money into his bank account. During the later part of last year, he managed to break the $1 billion barriers and is not showing any signs of slowing down!

Eddie Murphy – Est. $160 Million

The famed comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is one of the top-brass actors in the comic scenes especially during the late 80s up until the early 2000s, which was considered one of the top movie genres at that time. He released two stand-up specials. His second album Delirious was filmed in Washington, D.C. in 1983. Due to the popularity of Delirious, his concert film Eddie Murphy Raw received a wide theatrical release, grossing $50 million.


He also made a name for himself with his stand-up comedy act and Comedy Central even named him as one of the actors in the top echelon of their “Greatest Stand-up Comedians of All Time”. With that said, he always kept his financial advisors in check because of the cash flow of his project and his estimated net worth of around $160 million is no easy feat!

Christopher Nolan – Est. $200 Million

Christopher Nolan is one of the top filmmakers in the show business. In early 2003, Nolan approached Warner Bros. with the idea of making a new Batman film, based on the character’s origin story. Batman Begins is the biggest project that Nolan had undertaken to that point. It was premiered in June 2005 to critical acclaim and commercial success. He also directed some of the most famous films in the industry such as The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Prestige.


There are only a few names in Hollywood that can match the feat Christopher Nolan made in the industry. His directorial efforts have grossed more than US$5.1 billion worldwide, garnered 34 Oscar nominations and ten wins. Now you see the bigger picture? With that in mind, we were not surprised to see his estimated net worth to grow by huge margins over the past few years. Most financial advisors suggest that he has around $200 million of fortune under his account.

Bruce Willis – Est. $200 Million

Bruce Willis’ name will always be synonymous with a successful actor since he’s been doing it time and time again. In 1985, he successfully auditioned for the role of David Addison Jr. of the television series Moonlighting. The starring role in Moonlighting was helped to establish him as a comedic actor. In 1988, he starred in John McLean in the film Die Hard. It was precise because of his then-unexpected turn in this film that catapulted him to movie star and action hero status.


In 2015, he made his Broadway debut in the stage adaptation of Misery. He’s been part of the mainstream entertainment scene for more than four decades now and over the course of his career, he managed to save up a portion of his earnings with his smart money management. He’s said to have around $200 million of net worth connected to his name, which is a lot if you ask us!

Floyd Mayweather – Est. $1 Billion

Floyd Mayweather is one of the world-class athletes that managed to get an outstanding feat in terms of how his overall career ran. He was named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 2010s by the Boxing Writers Association of America, a two-time winner of The Ring magazine’s Fighter of the Year award, a three-time winner of the BWAA Fighter of the Year award, and a six-time winner of the Best Fighter ESPY Award.


We all probably should have known that he’s made a name for himself in the ring by defeating every single opponent he faced and ended up with a 50-0 win-loss record inside the boxing ring. As we all know, top-class boxers earn a lot every bout so we can expect great fortune from him. Many financial advisors are on the fence when it comes to the closest estimate of his net worth but many would agree that he has around $505 million in his account.

Robert De Niro – Est. $350 Million

Robert De Niro is another top-listing personality in the industry thanks to the contributions he made as an actor, director, and producer. He is particularly known for people his collaborations with filmmaker Martin Scorsese. His name always appears in award conversations and De Niro always hits his mark with the excellent portrayals of his roles. He is the recipient of various accolades, including two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, etc.


Aside from his Hollywood endeavor, the award-winning actor also has a couple of well-placed investments in various industries such as the chain of restaurants he owns or co-owns in the busy TriBeCa area. If we sum up all of his business and the earnings he made during his Hollywood run, it should have a net worth of around $500 million.

Bruce Springsteen – Est. $500 Million

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen is always considered one of the top brass singers and musicians in the entertainment landscape. In 1984, he released the album Born in the U.S.A. that is Springsteen’s most commercially successful album, making him one of the most successful rock figures of the 1980s. Up to now, he has sold more than 150 million records worldwide and more than 64 million albums in the United States.


He has been a prominent figure for more than five decades now and he’s still showing no signs of slowing down. From the looks of things, he has plenty of gas left in his tank. Springsteen built up not only a stellar career but an outstanding net worth as well. People say that he is worth around $500 million and that means he’s pretty rich! With that kind of money, anyone can just have a laid-back life without having to worry about any outstanding bills and due dates.

Christina Aguilera – Est. $160 Million

Christina Aguilera has always been one of the key parts of the entertainment scene for quite some time now. She is always in the conversation when we are talking about the best performers out there. With estimated sales of 100 million records, she is one of the world’s best-selling music artists. Her accolades include five Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


With that said, it is understandable why she got the bulk of her money from the recording contract she and her lawyers signed with various recording companies over the course of her career. Her estimated net worth is believed to be at around $160 million and she is expected to earn more in the coming years. We will probably see more from her since she’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Milo Yiannopoulos — Est. $5 Million

Milo Yiannopoulos or professionally known as Milo Andreas Wagner is a pretty popular political commentator both on television and on social media and also a debater, public speaker, and writer. He has done a number of controversial tours. Although few of his American speeches were canceled, many were met with protests ranging from vocal disruptions to violent demonstrations. Though he was banned from using a couple of social media platforms, that didn’t stop the spread of his influence online.


There were millions of people that bought a copy of his book called Dangerous. On the flip side, most people call him the supervillain of the internet because of the harsh comments he provides on certain issues. With all that said, we can’t deny his exceptional money management skills and over the course of his career, he managed to get an estimated net worth of around $5 million in his bank account.

Jason Momoa — Est. $14 Million

Jason Momoa took his time right before he entered the mainstream scenes but his well-timed investment paid off big time. At 19 years old, he also worked part-time in a surf shop before being cast in the action drama series Baywatch Hawaii, where he appeared as Jason Ioane. He hit the big roller train right after he joined the cast of Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. After that, he appeared in the DC Extended Universe films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and Aquaman.


He became famous for appearing in these films. Momoa is also the other half of Lisa Bonet that is an American actress and activist. He began a relationship with actress Lisa Bonet in 2005. Over the course of his career, he managed to get an estimated net worth of around $14 million. That will soon rise since there’s a couple of movies already in the pipeline.

Jordy Nelson — Est. $24 Million

The world of sports is slowly becoming a huge market for rich personalities. Well, we can understand where the cash flow is going with all the sponsorships, endorsement deals, and huge paychecks that are associated with athletes. We can clearly see why most of them opt for luxury living without any worries about overspending on their credit cards. With that in mind, the famous wide receiver of the Green Bay Packers, Jordy Nelson is no exception to this rule.


He began his college career as a walk-on at Kansas State and took his redshirt year as a member of the Wildcats’ 2003 Big 12 Championship team. He’s regarded as an elite player on the field and was a key figure for winning the Super Bowl XLV back in 2010. He managed to sum up a huge net worth of around $24 million to date and that figure might rise in the coming years.

Kristen Stewart — Est. $70 Million

As Kristen Stewart was raised in a family who work in the entertainment industry as non-actors, Stewart thought that she would become a screenwriter or director, but never considered being an actor. She first gained notice for her role as the daughter of Jodie Foster’s character in David Fincher’s thriller Panic Room, which earned her a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film. She enjoyed financial success especially in the early 2010s at the height of her The Twilight Saga escapade.


She was named the world’s highest-paid actress on two separate occasions, the first one was in 2010 and the second was in 2012 – the time she starred in the final film of the franchise. Over the course of her career, she managed to keep her financial advisor on overtime shifts thanks to the numerous projects and the overflowing cash she earned from acting. Overall, she managed to sum up an estimated net worth of around $70 million in her account.

Cynthia Nixon — Est. $30 Million

Actress Cynthia Nixon raised her profile significantly as one of the four regulars on HBO’s successful comedy Sex and the City between 1998 and 2004. She became a household name thanks to her part in the hit television series Sex and the City. The success of the show echoed not only in the United States but also became a worldwide phenomenon. The people behind the series even ported the show out and worked it into a film twice!


She surely has gone a long way since her humble beginnings in doing theater work as she slowly made her way towards the top of the mainstream Hollywood scenes. She received three Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2002, 2003, and 2004 respectively. She won the award in 2004, for the show’s final season. Now that she has built up around $30 million of estimated net worth under her account, she can now easily afford her dream house without even flinching from loans.

Jackie Chan – Est. $350 Million

Jackie Chan is known in the cinematic world for his slapstick acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts. He is one of the few people in Hollywood that incorporates Chinese martial arts into his movies. His first major breakthrough was the 1978 film Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. The film established the comedic kung fu genre. The same year, he then starred in Drunken Master, which finally propelled him to mainstream success.


In addition to the reputation that he made as an actor, he also literally cracked a couple of bones in his body because of the injuries he made while filming his own stunts. Yes, you got that right, he mostly doesn’t use body doubles and does them by himself! With that in mind, we can safely bet that he has good health insurance coverage in case he sustains another injury while filming his films. He built up a giant net worth that is believed to be at around $400 million!

Millie Bobby Brown — Est. $4 Million

Millie Bobby Brown is an actor who played Eleven in the Netflix science fiction-horror series Stranger Things. She has received unanimous acclaim and was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. $4 million may not sound like a lot compared to other celebrities on the list but we can surely attest that it means the whole world for people who are on the verge of bankruptcy.


She has a current estimated net worth of around $4 million and that figure will soon skyrocket thanks to her part in Stranger Things. We also need to consider that she’s only just in her teens so she has plenty of room to grow as an actress and her overall financial status. We are excited to see what she’ll become in the near future. Brown is probably set towards a great career in the acting scene.

Taylor Swift – Est. $400 Million

Taylor Swift is always one of the top personalities in the music scene starting from the get-go. She’s an A-list artist around the industry and never failed to amuse her audiences with her beautiful tunes and over the top songs. Her accolades include 10 Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, seven Guinness World Records, 32 American Music Awards, and 23 Billboard Music Awards. As a songwriter, she was recognized in Rolling Stone‘s 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time.


With that in the equation, she easily grabbed a spot at the top best-selling music artists of all time, which gave her a huge chunk of fortune in return. With the help of her investments on top of the earnings she got from her music career, Taylor Swift managed to cash in around $400 million of estimated net worth in her account. She just entered her 30s and we can probably expect more from her in the coming years.

Rihanna – Est. $550 Million

Rihanna is always at the top of her game when it comes to music. In 2005, her debut single Pon de Replay was released under her alias “Rihanna”. It charted successfully worldwide, peaking in the top five in fifteen countries, including at No. 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and the UK Singles Chart. Her chart-topping song Umbrella catapulted her into international stardom and paved the way for her very first Grammy Award.


She’s one of the industry’s top singer-songwriters and also worked on screen as an actress on a couple of occasions. Her success continued to flow during the last leg of the 2000s and even reached the first of the 2010s. The albums she released at this time was also well-received by her fans around the globe. She has sold more than 250 million records worldwide. Rihanna’s estimated net worth of $550 million consists of her investments in various industries and the earnings she made in show business.

Mel Gibson – Est. $425 Million

The actor and filmmaker, Mel Gibson needs little to no introduction since he made a huge reputation for himself as one of the top personalities in Hollywood using only his raw talent in acting and working behind the scenes as a producer and director. For those who don’t know, he rose through the top of the rankings thanks to his part in the classic Mad Max film franchise and the Lethal Weapon films.


He returned in the directors’ seat after a ten-year hiatus with a bang. His comeback movie as a director, the Hacksaw Ridge, was a huge hit and added another bulk of fortune in his bag. This film earned him two Academy Awards and four other nominations, including Best Picture and Gibson Best Director. He clearly shows no signs of going into bankruptcy with how his career performs.

Victoria Beckham – Est. $450 Million

Victoria Beckham became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to her part in the all-female group as Posh Spice of The Spice Girls. Together with her girls, they dominated the 90’s music scene and received numerous recognitions from the industry as they became the best-selling female group of all time. She later ventured into a solo career and also found success in that path as well. She has become an internationally recognized style icon and fashion designer.


After high-profile cooperation with other brands, she launched the brand of the same name in 2008. In 2011, the Victoria Beckham label was named designer brand of the year in the UK. With that kind of career, we are not surprised that she built up a huge net worth of around $450 million. She can easily use her credit cards non-stop and get all the posh things in life without having to worry about running out of funds.

Julia Roberts – Est. $250 Million

Over the course of her acting career in Hollywood, Julia Roberts was able to establish herself as one of the top leading ladies in her class. From the looks of things, she’s head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, and in that regard, there are only a handful of actresses that can compete with her. From eight nominations, she has won three Golden Globe Awards.


Aside from her timeless beauty, she’s also been hailed more than a few times as one of the highest-paid personalities in the world, especially during the ’90s up until the first half of the 2000s. In total, her films brought in more than $2.8 billion in box office receipts, making her one of the richest actresses in Hollywood. Financial advisors estimate that she is worth around $250 million, which highlights the successful run in Hollywood that she has had.

Sylvester Stallone – Est. $400 Million

Sylvester Stallone had a rough start in acting. He was applying for any open slots and various projects during the early ’70s but hardly found any impactful roles that would help him build up a reputation and the money to go with it. During this time, he almost fell into bankruptcy and did a couple of odd jobs just to keep the lights running.


After a couple of years of enduring many hardships, he managed to get a few roles that helped him get to a better spot financially. He was the third actor in cinema to be nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Now, he has built up an estimated net worth of around $400 million and is one of the most successful personalities in Hollywood. His story is a real rollercoaster ride!

Chuck Lorre – Est. $800 Million

Chuck Lorre is one of the top personalities in Hollywood. For those who don’t know him, that’s understandable since he pretty much works behind the scenes as a director, producer, composer, and writer. However, don’t forget that he’s a key part of some of the most successful shows in Hollywood, such as Dharma & amp; Greg, Cybill, The Big Bang Theory, and Young Sheldon.


In 2019, Lorre received the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy and the Critics’ Choice Award for Creative Achievement. Do you see the trend of successful titles here? That pretty much became his main avenue in terms of his finances but he also has a couple of investments on the sides to help him get into a more stable financial platform. Currently, he has an estimated net worth of around $800 million.

Dave Chappelle – Est. $45 Million

The famous comedian and producer, Dave Chappelle, has made a living in Hollywood as one of the top personalities in the world of comedy. He also got a couple of awards, including four Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards as well as the Mark Twain Prize to go along with his successful financial run in the industry that he specialized in. In 2016, he signed a $20 million comedy special offer contract with Netflix.


As of 2019, he has released five special offers under the agreement. Over the years, he showed tremendous money management skills and he was able to accumulate an estimated net worth of around $45 million. The Rolling Stone magazine placed him at number nine on their “fifty best stands up comedians of all time.” That’s a big feat for any comedian out there so he must be pretty proud of it.

Ellen DeGeneres – Est. $490 Million

Starting at the very bottom of the comedians’ ladder is a pretty tough gig but Ellen DeGeneres made it look so easy. She’s one of the top personalities in Hollywood. She has hosted the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, and the Primetime Emmys. She has won 30 Emmys, 20 People’s Choice Awards, which is more than any other person. Coincidentally, she’s also one of the wealthiest.


She has a production company, called A Very Good Production. She currently holds a couple of investments in businesses that involved shoes, apparel, and accessories. In the following years, her business grew and they later expanded their products to cover pets, babies, and other home items. Ellen had a lot of avenues for her paycheck and that’s probably the reason why she has built up a whopping $490 million of estimated net worth in her account.

Roger Federer – Est. $450 Million

Starting from the get-go, Roger Federer was always considered a prodigy when it came to the sport of tennis. He has been No. 1 in the ATP rankings for a record total of 310 weeks and has finished as the year-end No. 1 five times. He has twenty Grand Slam championship credits to his name. Nowadays, he is ranked at number five in men’s singles coming from the ATP or Association of Tennis Professionals.


Now it seems like he’s not showing any signs of slowing down either. Over the course of his career, he managed to single-handedly create a vast amount of fortune. In fact, many financial advisors suggest that he currently has around $450 million to $500 million in the bank and he might become the first billionaire in tennis if his current run is any indication. He even established the Roger Federer Foundation, which targets impoverished children in southern Africa.

Buzz Aldrin – Est. $12 Million

Buzz Aldrin may not be your typical celebrity, but he holds one of the rarest credits known to any man. He’s one of the first two humans to ever set foot on the surface of the moon, and he did that in July 1969. He was a key figure in science and space exploration ever since and we can’t deny his accomplishments since Aldrin is a pioneer in that regard. Over the years, he managed to squeeze in a couple of television and film appearances.


It’s including a scene in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, where he explains to the Autobots what their real mission was for sending an expedition to the moon’s surface. His autobiography Return to Earth (1973) and Magnificent Desolation (2009) recounted his struggles with clinical depression and alcoholism since leaving NASA. Financial advisors around the globe believe that he has an estimated net worth of around $12 million.

Brad Pitt – Est. $300 Million

Bankruptcy is not an issue to the actor Brad Pitt. He’s always in the conversation when it comes to the top actors in Hollywood. He has multiple awards and accolades to back this up, including three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards. He not only excels in acting but has also tried his luck working behind the scenes as a film producer while running his own production company.


Over the years, Pitt got major roles in various blockbuster hits including the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Some of his greatest commercial successes have been Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019). Pitt has been cited as one of the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry. He’s said to be worth around $300 million that makes him one of the wealthiest actors in the industry.

Patrick Dempsey – Est. $60 Million

The actor Patrick Dempsey enjoyed success under the limelight in a couple of film projects of the 80s, including Can’t Buy Me Love (1987) and Loverboy (1989). He achieved worldwide recognition while playing the role of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd in the medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. He pretty much has a lot to offer on the table and he’s virtually successful in those fields as well.


Aside from his acting endeavors, he is also fond of cars, including sports cars to vintage collections. Not only that, but he also likes racing in his spare time. In 2013, he even announced that if he had any reason, he would “walk away” the performance and devote himself to racing. He has an estimated net worth of around $60 million so we can see how he is able to maintain his car insurance policies without any sweat.

George Lucas – Est. $5.5 Billion

George Lucas is the man behind the classic and iconic film franchise Star Wars. We can clearly see how and why he was able to easily get an estimated net worth of $5.5 billion. For those who want to explore his background, most of his current activities involve philanthropic and charitable works. He is pretty much an icon when it comes to directing films and producing movies through his production company.


Lucas is one of the most successful filmmakers in history. He has been nominated for four Academy Awards. His film is one of the 100 highest-grossing movies in North America. His influence in the industry is undoubtedly strong. He is even considered an important figure in the New Hollywood movement of the 20th century. His financial status would make him pretty much immune from going under the bankruptcy line. It would take ages to burn out those billions of dollars!

Ed Sheeran – Est. $160 Million

Most of us probably heard a song or two from the famous singer, Ed Sheeran. He serenaded most of us with sweet tunes and lovely lyrics, and in return, he became one of the best-selling artists of our era. His debut album topped the UK Albums Chart in September 2011. His second album won Album of the Year at the 2015 Brit Awards. His third album also became the best-selling album worldwide of 2017 which was sold at least 20 million copies.


Over the course of his career in the music industry, he managed to accumulate an estimated net worth of around $160 million, which was a tremendous accomplishment. With that kind of money, he can pretty much get all the real estate investments available in his favorite spots without even making a dent on his account. He’s also not showing any signs of slowing down, so we can expect more from him in the coming years.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan- Est. $10 Million

Many will agree that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood today. He appeared in numerous television programs over the years and managed to grab a couple of memorable roles along the way. He is known for playing John Winchester in Supernatural. He also portrayed the role of Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy and Negan in the hit post-apocalyptic zombie movie The Walking Dead.


Morgan and his wife have made their home in the town of Rhinebeck in Dutchess County, New York on a 100-acre working farm in the Hudson Valley with cows, ducks, chickens, alpacas, donkeys, and an emu. His past projects along with his smart investments earned him an estimated net worth of around $12 million and he could earn a lot more in the coming years since he’s not showing any signs of slowing down in his career.

Cameron Diaz – Est. $140 Million

Cameron Diaz is always considered a top-ranking actress in Hollywood. She has a lot of movie credits in the bag and got a few memorable roles in films such as the 2001 hit film Vanilla Sky. Diaz also appeared in a couple of Charlie’s Angels films during the early 2000s as well as lending her voice for the animated film series Shrek.


Over the course of her career, she got awarded numerous awards and accolades, including four Golden Globe Award nominations, three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, and a New York Film Critics Award. But she is currently taking a long break from acting since 2014. She has since invested in health and biotech startups, including Seed Health and Modern Acupuncture. Even though she’s on a long hiatus, she managed to get an estimated net worth of around $140 million in her account.

Justin Bieber – Est. $285 Million

Justin Bieber only left a scorching trail behind his tracks when he quickly rose through Hollywood ranks just moments after he set foot in the entertainment landscape. His debut album made him the first singer to score seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100. He’s currently one of the top-selling artists in the industry with sales of over 150 million records. He has received a Grammy Award, 15 American Music Awards, 20 Billboard Music Awards, two Brit Awards, a Latin Grammy Award, etc.


Judging from the looks of things, he still has plenty of gas to spare! With that said, he is said to have around $285 million worth of fortune in his financial reports, and that figure is expected to rack up in the coming years. He surely has gone a long way since his early cover songs which he uploaded to YouTube before becoming a multi-million dollar artist.

James Patterson – Est. $560 Million

James Patterson is one of the top authors in the world of literature. His works include the Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women’s Murder Club, Maximum Ride, etc. His books have sold more than 300 million copies and he was the first person to sell 1 million e-books. He may be considered the richest one as well. Forbes even recognized the greatness of this man and they consistently placed him at the top of the leaderboards when it comes to the highest-earning author for multiple years.


He has an estimated net worth of around $560 million and most of his fortune goes to the charitable works he’s currently engaged with. For those who don’t know, Patterson is a huge supporter of various universities, teachers, and other educational institutions that will greatly affect the world of literature in the coming years. He deserves huge credit for that one!

Leonardo DiCaprio – Est. $260 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s top brass talents in our current generation. He began his career in the late 1980s and achieved international stardom in the epic romance Titanic (1997) which became the highest-grossing film to that point. Today, his films have earned more than US$7.2 billion at the global box office. Starting from the get-go, he managed to grab numerous projects that went into his estimated net worth of around $260 million.


Aside from his acting career, he also showed a healthy sign of financial management after doing a couple of investments in real estate and other ventures. Now we can clearly see why his money went through the roof. DiCaprio’s net worth is just getting bigger and bigger as years passed by so we can expect the same trend in the coming years and that’s an outstanding feat for anyone!

Drew Barrymore – Est. $125 Million

Drew Barrymore has been around the entertainment scene for a very long time now. In fact, she started her journey as a child star and slowly became the successful actress she is today. In 2009, she received a SAG Award and a Golden Globe for her performance in Grey Gardens. She came from a family of actors so she pretty much knows what it takes to become successful in the entertainment scene.


Throughout the passage of years, she built up a huge fortune in acting. Not only that, but she also founded Flower Films, a production company in1995. Later, she launched a range of cosmetics under the Flower banner, which has grown to include lines in makeup, perfume, etc. She has a current estimated net worth of around $125 million. With that kind of money in the bag, she can pretty much just use her credit card non-stop without having to worry about her spending limit.

Jane Fonda– Est.$200 Million

During her heyday, Jane Fonda was one of the industry’s top-notch talents who had a sphere of influence in television, film, and even on the modeling scene. She made her debut in the Broadway drama There Was a Little Girl in 1960 for which nominated for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play. She actually has awards and nominations to back this up, including two Academy Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, two BAFTA Awards, seven Golden Globe Awards, etc.


Fonda even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So she is not just your run-of-the-mill, everyday actress unlike most of her peers in the entertainment scenes. Her estimated net worth of around $200 million is a huge feat considering that she’s already retired from acting but that’s where her money management kicks in. We can safely assume that she’ll never run out of money in the coming future.

Rob Lowe –  Est. $65 Million

Rob Lowe started his Hollywood career during his teenage years. He made his debut at the age of 15 with ABC’s short-lived sitcom A New Kind of Family (1979–1980). Later he experienced silence for nearly ten years, but his career recovered in 2000. Since then, Lowe made a reputation for himself in the industry as one of the top tier actors in the Hollywood roster, as well as a top director and producer.


Over the course of his career, he managed to get a number of awards, recognitions, and nominations to his name which pretty much provides us with an idea of how his career went from day one. He never experienced any need for a personal loan because of the success he had under the limelight. Many financial advisors suggest that he is worth around $65 million and shows no signs of going down south any time soon.

Jillian Michaels – Est. $20 Million

Jillian Michaels is one of the most famous celebrity trainers in the industry. As a personal trainer and black belt holder, she uses a combination of strength training techniques for her clients, including taekwondo, yoga, Pilates, physical training, and weight training. She is famous that a huge part of her role as a trainer in a couple of seasons of The Biggest Loser. She then put the pedal on the metal and never slowed down a bit when it comes to her career endeavor.


She also appeared on the talk show The Doctor. In January 2016, her reality television series Just Jillian premiered. She later ventured into other media such as online platforms and even placed some investments in a health and fitness application available for mobile devices. Michaels also established a website where she and other fitness experts post their videos for everyone to see and use. She truly values health and wellness above all.

Andrew Lloyd Webber – Est. $120 Million

The entertainment landscape would never be the same without the talented Andrew Lloyd Webber. For those who are wondering what he offers on the table, well, he’s a top brass composer and songwriter that produced countless hits throughout the years. Several of his musicals have been performed in the West End and on Broadway for more than a decade. He was named the “fifth most powerful person in British culture” in 2008.


He is also a bona fide theater director and a businessman with a high-level of knowledge when it comes to investment planning. His company the Really Useful Group is one of the largest theatre operators in London. With these combinations, we can easily see why he was able to build up a huge amount of money in his pocket. In fact, many financial experts suggest he was worth around £820 million in 2019, which is an insane figure!

Jessica Alba – Est. $200 Million

Coming in with a gorgeous face and an overwhelming talent in acting, Jessica Alba took Hollywood by storm with her strong performances in her films. She started her film and TV acting career at the age of 13. It was not until the age of 19, through the TV series Dark Angel (2000–2002) that she became famous and was nominated for a Golden Globe.


The past projects include her acting gigs in Honey, the Fantastic Four, and the television series L.A.’s Finest. Aside from her acting career, she also showed exceptional money management skills that led to her founding her own business. In the dawn of the 2010s, she co-founded the consumer goods supplier The Honest Company that easily became one of her main sources of income. Her net worth is said to be around $200 million.

Kate Hudson – Est. $80 Million

Actress, author Kate Hudson is one of Hollywood’s top personalities, especially in the romantic-comedy scenes. She appeared in many blockbuster films such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Alex Emma that helped her to get a more established reputation in Hollywood. For her performance in the film Almost Famous, she won a Golden Globe and nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Over the course of her career, she experienced varying degrees of success and ultimately made the most of every opportunity she’s been given.


She co-founded the fitness brand and membership program, Fabletics. In 2016, she released her first book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body. The second year, she released her second book, Pretty Fun: Creating and Celebrating a Lifetime of Tradition. Currently, she has an estimated net worth of around $80 million and that figure is expected to grow after the collaboration she and her camp has made with New York & Company, Inc.

Britney Spears – Est. $215 Million

Britney Spears made a name for herself as one of the top pop icons in the industry. She was quite young when she debuted in the industry during the late ’90s. After releasing one chart-topping song after another, she earned the title “Princess of Pop” because she is credited with influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s. She produced many worldwide hits that catapulted her to another level in terms of fame and fortune.


However, most of us don’t actually know that she used to be part of The Mickey Mouse Club during her childhood years. As she progressed in her journey in the entertainment industry, she had some high times and low keys as well but that didn’t derail her from her end goal, gaining a stable credit score and securing her financial stability. She currently has a net worth of around $215 million.

O.J. Simpson– Est.$3 Million

The football legend O.J. Simpson is known for his solid plays as a top-notch running back during his time with the NFL. He was dubbed as “The Juice” by his peers in the sports because of his sleek moves while running the field. In 1973, Simpson became the first player to break through the coveted 2,000 rushing yards, with a total rushing yard of 2,003 and a touchdown score of 12.


O.J. Simpson then worked on the stands as a commentator and analyst for the game after his retirement as a player. However, controversies followed him and that scandal even required him to hire a top-notch lawyer for his defense. The matter is now settled and he was able to get those things behind him. Now, he’s building himself from the ground up and his estimated net worth of around $3 million is a good starting point.

Keanu Reeves – Est. $360 Million

Many can attest that Keanu Reeves is one of the most humble and down to earth personalities in the entertainment scene. Even though he is one of the top personalities in Hollywood, he still has a lifestyle similar to most people. He also is not living like a celebrity under the glitz and glamour of show business. The John Wick film franchise and the science fiction film The Matrix are some of his most memorable film credits.


In addition to acting, he also directed the film Tai Chi in 2013. Not only that, but he also played bass guitar for the Dogstar band, and engaged in other creative and charitable work. Currently, he has an estimated net worth of around $360 million, and that figure is not set in stone given that he has a couple of projects in the pipeline.

Michael Phelps – Est. $60 Million

Michael Phelps is known as the most decorated athlete in American in the history of the Olympics. Over the course of his career, he managed to grab around 28 Olympic medals, 23 of which were gold chips, all coming from the sports of swimming. His international titles and record-breaking performances have won him eight World Swimmer of the Year Awards, 11 American Swimmer of the Year Awards, and the 2012 and 2016 FINA Swimmer of the Year Awards.


He was named the most successful athlete in the last four Olympics. We are quite sure that he has a top-notch home security system installed in his home to protect those gold medals. After all, he can easily afford those systems since he has an estimated net worth of around $60 million and the cost of it wouldn’t even leave a mark on his overall account.

Nicki Minaj – Est. $100 Million

Rapper, singer, and songwriter Nicki Minaj is one of the industry’s top female artists of the current era. She is the second female rapper to top the list after Lauryn Hill in 1998. She easily captured the hearts and minds of her audiences thanks to her unique sense of music and her lovely tunes. On top of that, her electrifying performances on stage sets her apart from the rest of her competition.


In addition to music, Minaj’s film career includes acting as a voice acting in the animated films Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) and The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) animation and supporting roles in comedy films The Other Woman. She achieved financial success alongside her career growth and that contributed to her estimated net worth of around $100 million. From the looks of things, her credit score is on the high side and she’ll need to do a drastic mishap to derail it to the red zone.

Martha Stewart – Est. $400 Million

Martha Stewart got a hell of a ride in her personal life thanks to the controversies that she faced throughout the years. However, that wouldn’t derail us from the fact that she’s one of the most successful female personalities in the industry. She made a mark in the entertainment scene as one of the key figures of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, a group of companies that operates in different media.


She gained success through a variety of business ventures, including publishing, broadcasting, e-commerce, and merchandising. Not only that, but she has also written many best-selling books and hosted two syndicated TV programs. All of her investments were well-timed and that contributed to her estimated net worth of around $400 million. Though this figure may be lower compared to her past years’ net worth, it still won’t cost any major panic on her part since her money is doing all the work for her.

Steven Spielberg – Est. $3.7 Billion

There are only a few people in the industry that can match the feats set by the one and only Steven Spielberg. He’s a legendary filmmaker and the brains behind some of the most famous films in Hollywood history such as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Jurassic Park. He won various honors, including two Academy Awards for Best Director, a Kennedy Center Honor.

Spielberg has also worked as a producer of many TV series and movies. With those in mind, we can easily see why he built up a huge net worth of around $3.7 billion. That figure may be a little bit underwhelming for his standards since many financial advisors believed that it would be at around the $6 billion marks, but whatever the case may be, it is still an impressive number!

Denzel Washington – Est. $220 Million

Without a doubt that Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s greatest A-list actors. He received numerous awards coming from prestigious award-giving bodies over the years, including seventeen NAACP Image Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and a Tony Award, which made him one of the most iconic personalities in the film industry. In 2002, he was involved in directorship for the first time, making his debut with the biographical film Antwone Fisher.


In 2020, The New York Times named him the greatest actor of the 21st century. It also paved the way for him to get a very nice net worth of around $220 million. We can see him doing great things in the industry in the coming years since he still has plenty of gas left in his tank. Washington is also showing no signs of slowing down or retiring from the entertainment landscape any time soon. That’s Denzel Washington for you all!

Miley Cyrus– Est.$160 Million

The actress, singer, and songwriter Miley Cyrus is one of the industry’s top female artists in the past couple of years. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus is one of the leading figures in the country-pop music scene so it came as no surprise that she’ll follow in their footsteps. But this time, she did it while playing pop and mainstream music. Her professional achievements include entries on the Time 100 list in 2008 and 2014, MTV’s 2013 Best Artist Award.


She also has been placed on Billboard‘s Greatest of All Time Artists Chart in 2019. She even founded the non-profit Happy Hippie Foundation in 2014, which is dedicated to the young homeless and the LGBT communities. Her success in the entertainment landscape earned her a very nice pedestal on top of the Hollywood rankings and with her estimated net worth of around $160 million. We can easily tell why she got all her credit cards with her.

Ciara – Est. $20 Million

The famous singer and songwriter Ciara is one of the top music artists in the industry thanks to her unique tunes and style that set her apart from her peers. Her debut album received triple platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and won four nominations for the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. In 2006, she also made her debut in the film All You’ve Got.


She’s currently in the prime of her career and that allowed her to easily get an estimated net worth of around $20 million in the bag. Her hubby, on the other hand, Russell Wilson, is also making a huge fortune himself in the NFL. With their combined riches, they can easily get any property without entering a mortgage loan. They can probably find a spot for her and her family to settle quietly far from the watchful eyes of the public.

Pat Sajak – Est. $70 Million

Many of us don’t actually know that Pat Sajak used to be a weatherman back in the days right before he became a full-time game show host of the Wheel of Fortune. But he first appeared on the TV screen as a voiceover artist. Over the course of his career, he managed to become one of the iconic personalities in that regard.


For his work on Wheel, he has received 19 nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host Of which he won three times. It’s pretty much contributed to the overall success he received. As proof, he currently has an estimated net worth of around $70 million. He is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon since he and his lawyers just recently signed an extension for his part as a game show host.

Gary Busey – Est. $1 Million

William Gary Busey is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. But many people don’t know that he started his acting career as a drummer at The Rubber Band. In fact, he has more than 150 film credits under his resume, including A Star Is Born (1976), Lost Highway (1997), etc. It simply tells us the impact he made throughout the entertainment scenes.


Back in the late 70s, Busey managed to grab a good role in the film The Buddy Holly Story that earned him a nomination slot for the Academy Award for Best Actor. He also won the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor. Since then, projects rained down on him, left and right. Busey’s busy schedule also earned him a net worth of around $1 million and a solid credit score to go along with it.

Aziz Ansari — Est. $18 Million

Aziz Ansari put his name on the record books. He is known for playing Tom Haverford in the NBC series Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) and as a star in the Netflix series Master of None (2015-2017). He won two Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards for this, which is as the first Asian to have ever won a Golden Globe Award for acting.


That’s a huge feat if we should say so and we are not certain if there’s a guy that can match that accomplishment. He also built up an outstanding credit score and net worth of around $18 million. His collaboration with some of the famous actors in the industry such as Jonah Hill, James Franco, and Seth Rogen really came in handy and paid off big time. We can’t wait to see what’s in store from him in the coming years.

Jim Carrey – Est. $150 Million

Jim Carrey is always a big star when it comes to comedy and he’s one of the leading figures in that regard as well. He appeared in many hit films over the course of his career. Although to a large extent playing the role of a comedian, Carrey has achieved success in dramatic roles. His first dramatic success was in the Emmy-nominated television production film Doing Time on Maple Drive (1992).


He received much attention for his protagonists in The Truman Show (1998) and Man on the Moon (1999), in which each movie won a Golden Globe Award. This helped him get to a more stable financial platform. However, he and his family also struggled a bit especially during the earlier part of his life. Carrey’s family had some financial issues and came really close to the bankruptcy line. Fortunately, they managed to pull their acts together as he built up a reputation as a comedian in his local neighborhood. The rest as they say is history.

Tiger Woods— Est. $800 Million

The 44-year old golfer, Tiger Woods is considered by many sports analysts to be one of the greatest golfers of all time. He established a good reputation around his peers with his outstanding golf swing and managed to grab a couple of championships along the way. He’s tied for first place in the PGA Tour wins, second in men’s major championships. He also holds many golf records that’s about 15 professional major golf championships and 82 PGA Tour events.


On top of that, he also won more than his fair share of prize money in the various tournaments he joined. With that in mind, he built up a solid credit score as well as a top-notch figure for his net worth. Currently, it is believed that he is listed at around $800 million of net worth, making him one of the richest athletes in the world.

Kendrick Lamar — Est. $75 Million

The music artist Kendrick Lamar is one of the most successful personalities in the rap scene. He slowly but surely made a name for himself in the industry in the earlier part of the 2010s and became one of the biggest hits of our current generation. His debut album was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His fourth album Damn became the first non-classical and non-jazz album to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music. Single in this album Humble topped the US Billboard Hot 100.


Over the course of his career in the music scene, he won 13 Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, a Brit Award, 11 MTV Video Music Awards, etc. He currently gets a net worth of around $75 million which means he could easily get all the expensive things with just one swipe of his credit cards. He can also build another set of garage in his home to accommodate new and luxurious cars in his collection.

Jamie Oliver — Est. $300 Million

Jamie Oliver is one of the top celebrity chefs who specializes in easy but delicious meals. That gave him an edge over his competitors as he slowly built up a huge reputation for himself as the main guy of many cooking shows on various networks. The BBC aired his television show in 1999. This was followed that he published his first cookbook, which became a No. 1 UK bestseller.


His TV works include a documentary Jamie’s Kitchen, which led him to visit 10 Downing Street at the invitation of Prime Minister Tony Blair. He also established a couple of investments in restaurant chains that are suitable for the masses. Together with the paycheck that he got from his shows, he accumulated around $300 million as his estimated net worth. We can also expect things to go his way soon since he’s not showing any signs of slowing down either.

Camila Cabello — Est. $18 Million

Camila Cabello initially ventured into the mainstream media as part of the all-female group, Fifth Harmony, which first appeared in The X Factor USA back in 2012. She slowly made a solo career afterward and that move paid off big time. She hit the major leagues with this move alone and it drastically changed her life for the better. Later, she began to establish herself as a solo artist by publishing collaborative works that catapulted her to the top of the Hollywood rankings.


In 2018, her first studio album Camila reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2019, her duet with Mendes Señorita became her second single that topped the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, she has an estimated net worth of around $18 million and she can use her credit cards to have countless back and forth trips to Havana with that kind of money in the palm of her hands.

Caitlyn Jenner – Est. $100 Million

Formerly known as William Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner decided to transition herself from a man to a full-fledged woman and proudly came out to the public as a trans in 2015. However, for those who don’t know her full story, she used to be a well-decorated athlete and even set a couple of world records along the way. She is famous for “an all-American hero”.


After her Olympic journey, she pretty much made full use of her fame as her investment to earn even more fame and fortune. In the early 1980s, Jenner licensed her previous name for Bruce Jenner to David A. Cirotto. From 2015 to 2016, Jenner starred in the reality TV series I Am Cait, focusing on her gender transition. These moves paid off big time for her. Her estimated net worth is now sitting at $100 million!

Jerry Seinfeld – Est. $950 Million

Jerry Seinfeld is considered to be one of the top personalities in Hollywood of all time thanks to the numerous contributions he made in the industry as an actor, as well as working behind the scenes as a writer, producer, and director. He’s one of the key figures for the creation of the show Seinfeld during the 90s which still has a strong influence on some of the current shows today. In 2004, Comedy Central named him the 12th largest stand-up comedian in history.


In 2007, Seinfeld produced, co-edited, and starred in the film Bee Movie. This film was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Over the years, he managed to get a successful path towards a good life and his estimated net worth of around $950 million is a testament to that. With that kind of money in the bag, we can safely say that he’s pretty much beyond the reach of bankruptcy.

Sandra Bullock – Est. $200 Million

The “America’s sweetheart”, Sandra Bullock is not only one of the most gorgeous actresses in the industry but she’s also one of the most successful in the bunch. She has won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. She’s clearly a cut above else when it comes to beauty and acting skill and she uses it to her advantage so Bullock can position herself in a great financial spot.


She is the world’s highest-paid actress in 2010 and 2014. With an estimated net worth of around $200 million, she can easily use her credit card to get the most expensive beauty creams in the market but she really doesn’t need any of that. We can clearly see why she’s one of the favorite subjects of stalkers but the good thing is that she managed to fend them off completely.

Pierce Brosnan – Est. $100 Million

The actor Pierce Brosnan had the privilege to play one of the most iconic characters in the film industry and that’s none other than the famous secret agent, James Bond. He starred in a couple of 007 films in the past, some are box office hits while others not so much. However, the end goal was to make money and that’s exactly what he did.


He accumulated a huge sum of fortune by acting alone and he pretty much had a great life since entering the spotlight. In 1996, he co-founded Irish DreamTime, a production company based in Los Angeles. In 2015, his Malibu mansion that cost him around $18 million caught fire and sustained minor damage but that didn’t put any dent to his overall fortune since we are confident enough to say that he has good home insurance coverage for his property there.

Gal Gadot — Est. $10 Million

The Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot rose to stardom after she won the 2004 Miss Israel beauty pageant. She then served in the Israel Defense Forces for two years as a combat preparation instructor. After that, she began studying law and international relations at IDC Herzliya Academy, while establishing her own model and acting career. Her career growth became one of the fastest we have ever seen in recent years.


Her first international film role is as Gisele Yashar in Fast & Furious. She became an instant superstar, especially after she accepted the role of Wonder Woman as part of the series of movies in the DC Extended Universe. In 2018, Time included her name on their list of 100 most influential people in the world and was hailed as one of the top-paid actresses during the same year. She sure knows how to give her financial advisor a run for their money.

Kaley Cuoco – Est. $55 Million

The doors of opportunity opened up for Kaley Cuoco right after she managed to get her hands on the role of Bridget Henness in the hit sitcom 8 Simple Rules that dominated the 2000s. Since then, she was part of the mainstream entertainment scenes. She never looked back as she continued to cruise through the waves of success that brought her to the top of the Hollywood scenes. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014.


Later, she played the role of Penny in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory from 2007 to 2019 and won Satellite, Critics’ Choice, and People’s Choice Awards for her role. In addition to her acting career, she also founded Yes, Norman Productions in October 2017. Currently, Kaley Cuoco holds an estimated net worth of around $55 million and that is expected to grow larger in the coming years. That’s pretty apparent since she still has plenty of gas left in her tank!

J.K. Rowling – Est. $1 Billion

J.K. Rowling is one of the top novelists in our current society and some of her works were ported out to become one of the biggest film franchises in the industry. Yes, we are talking about the Harry Potter franchise and she’s the brain behind it. She later has written several books for adult readers: The Casual Vacancy and the pseudonym Robert Galbraith’s crime novel Cormoran Strike series. In 2020, she created the “political fairytale” The Ickabog for children.


Rowling currently holds one of the top spots when considering the highest-paid authors in the world. Her sales in Britain totaled more than £238 million, making her the best-selling living writer in the UK. Her total net worth is also a mystery to many since there are few sources that say she has around $600 million while other financial advisors believe that her wealth already surpassed the $1-billion mark.

Megyn Kelly – Est. $45 Million

Megyn Kelly made a reputation for herself as one of the top personalities in the industry in terms of her journalism and hosting skills. She’s known as one of the correspondents for Fox News and later joined the team of NBC News. Other shows that she hosted were The Kelly File and America Live. Currently, she produces a podcast The Megyn Kelly Show, which is also actively posted to her Instagram page and YouTube channel.


She was included in the TIME list of the 100 most influential people in 2014. For those who don’t know, she is also a full-fledged lawyer right before she became a news correspondent. She has worked at Jones Day for 9 years where one of her clients was the credit bureau Experian. Using that profession as well as her status as a television personality, she managed to get an estimated net worth of around $45 Million.

The Weeknd – Est. $90 Million

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye or professionally known as The Weeknd is a famous Canadian music personality that specializes in singing, songwriting, and record producing. He sure had gone a long way since he first started uploading his personal works on YouTube. He released a couple of albums that made it to the top of the charts. His second album Beauty Behind the Madness was among the best-selling albums of 2015.


The Weeknd has won many awards, including three Grammy Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards, five American Music Awards, and more. Over the course of his career, he managed to build up a huge stash of cash thanks to his excellent money management skills. He wouldn’t be able to get an estimated net worth of around $90 million without it so we have to give him a huge pat on the back.

Celine Dion – Est. $800 Million

Success stories in the entertainment landscape are happening in real life. In contrast to some beliefs of people, many of the known stars today came out from almost nothing and ended up becoming one of the top personalities in their respective fields. Let’s take a look at Celine Dion’s story right here who is known for her powerful, technically skilled vocals. Celine Dion is humble beginning might bring us inspiration to be successful in the coming future.


Her family was considered poor to a certain degree but they lived a pretty happy life. She then worked hard as she climbed the success ladder and reached the pedestal she is standing on right now. She is one of the best-selling artists of all time with record sales of over 200 million worldwide. If she can do it, we can also accomplish the same feat as well.

Jaleel White– Est. $12 Million

The actor Jaleel White is one of the luckiest personalities in the industry. As a matter of fact, his role in Family Matters was supposed to be a one-night gig only but he was so effective at providing sheer entertainment that the people behind the show decided to make him a mainstay. From then on, he enjoyed success in every project that he came across. He later starred in the UPN series Grown Ups from 1999 to 2000.


After that, he attended UCLA and received a degree in film and television in 2001. After graduation, he continued his acting career. He was able to build up a good deal of credit score as well as his net worth that is said to be around $12 million. He still has plenty of room to grow and we can’t wait to see what he offers on the table in the coming years.

Dr. Phil – Est. $400 Million

Phil McGraw, who is more popularly known as Dr. Phil, is one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood in recent years. In the late 1990s, he rose to fame with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In September 2002, he launched his own TV show, Dr. Phil. He even has a degree in clinical psychology which he uses to evaluate the mental state of his guests.


In October 2003, he founded the Dr. Phil Foundation, which provides funding to organizations that help disadvantaged families and children. With his successful run in the industry, he managed to sum up a huge fortune under his bank account. Currently, he has a net worth of around $440 million and that figure will soon rise once again just like what we have seen in the past couple of years. A great job on his part!

Charlize Theron – Est. $130 Million

The award-winning actress and Hollywood personality Charlize Theron is often dubbed one of the most talented and impactful people in the industry. The 1997 horror film The Devil’s Advocate is considered her breakthrough film. With her role as Aileen Wuornos in the series Monster, she became the first African in South Africa to win an Oscar in a performance film in 2003. She has also won a Golden Globe Award because of this film.


Time magazine included her name on their list of 2016’s 100 most influential people in the world for her efforts in helping people in southern Africa against the threats of HIV. She definitely made full use of the movie credits she gained in the past couple of years to her advantage. She is one of the world’s highest-paid actresses. With an estimated net worth of around $130 million, she comfortably earned a spot on this list. From our perspective, it looks like she’s not giving any signs of slowing down either.

Ron Howard — Est. $160 Million

During the 60s, Ron Howard became one of the most prominent children stars in Hollywood thanks to his part in the sitcom The Andy Griffith Show, where he played Opie Taylor, Andy Taylor’s son. After the show ended, he still continued his acting aspirations and had a couple of television credits for a few more years. However, it seems like he was well suited to working behind the scenes rather than working in front of a camera. In 1980, he began to focus on the work behind the scenes.


After a couple of years, he worked as a writer and director of a number of programs that became a huge hit both commercially and with the critics. Because of the film A Beautiful Mind, he received the Academy Award for Best Director and Academy Award for Best Picture. Nowadays, he’s one of the well-respected figures when it comes to filmmaking and his estimated net worth of around $160 million can attest to that.

Bill O’Reilly — Est. $85 Million

Bill O’Reilly is an American journalist, author, and former television host. He joined the Fox News Channel in 1996 and hosted The O’Reilly Factor until 2017 which was the highest-rated cable news program in 16 years. He is also the author of numerous books and hosted The Radio Factor from 2002 to 2009. He has been the subject of many recent controversies that advertently affected his career as a whole.


Those incidents were so big, his lawyers were dispatched to settle the things straight. Even though he is facing serious hurdles, we can’t simply ignore the net worth that he managed to nurture in the past couple of years. He managed to build up around $85 million on his account as he slowly tried to sort out the situation where he’s at. We are hoping that once the dust settles, he will get back on his feet and continue the things he does best.

Wesley Snipes —Est. $10 Million

Wesley Snipes’ natural talent in acting made him one of the top personalities in the industry. His heyday as an actor was in the ’90s when he appeared in a couple of hit films such as New Jack City, White Men Can’t Jump, Demolition Man, and as the sword-wielding vampire Blade in the film Blade film trilogy that became his trademark in the industry.


In 1991, he established Amen-Ra Films, a production company, and a subsidiary, Black Dot Media, to develop film and television projects. He built up an exceptional fortune for his career which is believed to be at around $10 million but he faced certain roadblocks that had something to do with his taxes. From the looks of things, he and his financial advisor had some roadblocks in terms of sorting out his taxes. Fortunately, he already fixed it up!

Kevin Costner – Est. $250 Million

Kevin Costner is one of the leading actors in the industry especially during the last couple of decades. He has a lot of movie credits under his name. In 1987, he rose to prominence with his portrayal of Eliot Ness in The Untouchables. He also ventured into working behind the scenes as a filmmaker. His first few projects as a director surprised many with the kind of details he put into his visual work of art and Costner showed a remarkable future in that regard as well.


Kevin Costner won two Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. He was also awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for playing Devil Anse Hatfield in the Hatfields & McCoys. Counting most of his business ventures on top of the earnings he got from his Hollywood works, he accumulated an estimated amount of $250 million. Not too shabby, right?

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