Lose Some Pounds In 7 Days!

It’s true that losing weight might be a lot of work as you have to put in investments in terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle to reach your goal. If you put just enough effort into these three, you might actually reach your fitness goals in a short span of time. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you lose some pounds in 7 days.

The Diet

Eat more greens and proteins. Eating vegetables and lean proteins is always the way to go. Make it a habit to put one protein in your plate, and one vegetable that is low in carbohydrates. If you choose the right food, you won’t even have to feel limited.

Say goodbye to sugar, carbs, and fats. Insulin is what these three produce in your body. The higher the degree of insulin you create, the harder it is for your body to burn fat. Also, low insulin leads to lower water weight.

Choose natural. Where sugars are concerned, it is always better to avoid the artificial ones. The most basic example is eating fruit instead of candies. You can also use honey instead of table sugar. Healthy sugars are welcome in your diet.

Plan your meals. Within the next seven days, you need three main meals a day. It would be best if you eat at the same time each day as well. Snacks in between should also be eaten at the same hour each day. Healthy weight drops credit regular mealtimes and physical activity.

Load up your breakfast with protein. Proteins at the start of each day will energize you enough for the rest of your waking hours. Food that contains a high degree of carbohydrates should not be eaten during breakfast as these will make you crave more during the day.

Eat your meals right. Make your lunch and dinner meals 500 calories at a maximum. Change your meals each day so you don’t get easily bored. Make sure you eat at the same hour every day with lessened carbohydrates so as not to get tired in the afternoon and not to burden your nighttime metabolism to a certain degree.

Drink lots of water. Water is always the key to a healthy body. Other drinks like soda or juices do not replace the water that you fail to consume within the day. Remember that water will keep you hydrated enough, especially when you exercise.

Keep track. Write down what you consume in a day, and be thorough about it. Other than keeping track, you can also give yourself credit for keeping your calorie count down, and at the same time feel guilty for cheating. This way, it will be easier to keep to your diet.

The Exercise

Stick to your workout plan. Whether the degree of the intensity of the exercise of your choice is high or low, and whether you choose to do it every day lightly or every other day intensely, just stick to your plan and do your best to follow through. It’s best to be realistic so you will be able to sustain it more.

Cardio starts the day. When you work out, do a low-intensity cardio routine before you start with your actual exercise. This will prevent injuries or muscle strains when you engage in heavier activities. Jogging or jumping rope are good ways to do this.

End with a stretch. After your light preliminary cardio, stretch so as to ready your muscles for the next part. After your entire workout, also stretch for at least five to ten minutes to avoid injuring yourself. A good stretch always takes credit for a good workout.

HIIT Programs. Performing high-intensity interval training or a HIIT workout involves doing exercise moves with high intensities interspersing with rests for short amounts of time. This kind of workout burns fat a degree quicker than lighter exercises.

Get into sports. Who says losing weight can’t be fun? Joining a team will not only motivate you more but will also make you exercise without even realizing it. Making your investment in playing soccer, basketball, or going swimming are surefire ways to get rid of excess fat.

Attend classes. If you’re not the sporty kind, then enrolling yourself in face to face or online classes that promote fitness. You can go to a Zumba class or a cycling class. These don’t only strengthen your body, but they also have a lot of cardio involved.

The Lifestyle

Pack your lunch. As going to a restaurant also means putting yourself up to the temptation of going against your diet, it’s good to pack your own lunch to ensure the stuff you can consume.

Get a weight loss buddy. Getting someone to be on the same journey with you is almost like an insurance plan. It’s harder to fall back if you know that someone is there doing exactly the same thing. A loved one who will go on the fitness journey with you will keep you motivated and responsible.

Maintain your new habits. What was the point of the entire week if you’ll stop when the week is over? Keep going and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

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