How To Master Effortless Weight Loss

You haven’t been alone when you thought if there was a way to lose excess fat without going through a tough exercise routine and a miserable diet. We know the whole ordeal, so we have cooked up several ways for you to lose some weight, maintain it, and stay relatively comfortable.

Chew Slowly

Do you realize that when you chew at a slower pace, you consume food slowly as well? Though you are ingesting less, you trick your brain to feeling full when you eat slower. If you master this technique every time you eat, you might lose weight to a higher degree than you thought possible.

Use Tiny Plates

You can actually fake eating a lot by using a smaller plate, especially for food that isn’t all too healthy. Giving sugar or carb-filled eats less space also makes you consume less of them. Nevertheless, your brain will get signals that say you’ve had enough even if you’ve had just a small piece.

Pack Meals With Protein

Protein takes credit for making you feel full and aiding you in eating less. If you make protein the main part of your meal, you get higher chances for losing more weight, even if you’re not a regular gym-goer or even if you’re not strict about the calories you consume.

Hide The Junk Food

Seeing unhealthy food like those rich in sugar, carbohydrates, or those that don’t contain any nutrients at all like chips heightens the possibility of you craving them. Even though you didn’t have any plans of eating them, the impulse grabbing of these is too easy. It’s best to put them away and put fruits and vegetables on display instead.

Consume Lots Of Fiber

Fiber gets credit for making you feel fuller for longer hours. This decreases your appetite and cravings and therefore decreases your consumption as well. In the same way, it aids good digestion. Viscous fiber specifically is a great aid in weight loss.

Drink Your Water

It’s really not a cliché. Drinking enough water makes you healthier. Not only will it make you feel fuller, but it will also make you eat less, most especially when drunk before a meal. The next time you crave for a soda or a juice drink rich in artificial sugar, grab a bottle of water instead.

Small Servings, Please

Research suggests that when people are served with large servings, they are more likely prone to obesity. Because seeing more results in eating more, it is only smart to keep your portions small. Not only will this help you maintain weight, but it will also do your credit card bill a favor.

Put Your Phone Away

Those who always have their gadgets around on the dining table tend to lose focus on their plate. This way, they tend to eat more than they should because they don’t pay attention to their bodily cues. The degree of surfeit is no longer recognized because of the extra stimuli.


When you’re stressed out, some hormones like leptin and ghrelin are released. These take credit for making your appetite act up. When you get enough rest and avoid stress, however, you are not only relaxed and at peace, but your metabolism is at par as well.

Say Goodbye To Soda

Soda is one of the unhealthiest drinks ever. This and other sugary drinks are rich in excess sugar which is not good for you because they will provide you with calories that your brain cannot detect. Healthy drinks are water, coffee, and green tea.

Use Red Plates

Your new investment should be on red plates. This may be a bit unusual but studies show that when you eat unhealthy food on red plates, you tend to eat less. Red is a color that humans associate to stopping so the brain apparently registers this as a stop sign as well.

Based on materials from Health Line

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